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Welcome to On.Cash.  I’m Russ.  This is my first blog post*.  Well, sort of.  Let me explain.

Who am I?


Hi.  I’m Russ.  I am a technology enthusiast.  So much of an enthusiast, in fact, that I started a technology company at a young age.  I ran this company for about 20 years, and in 2016, I decided to merge my company with another company in the industry.  I continued to work for this company as the Chief Information Officer for about a year, at which point, I decided to step back a bit more and work for the company as a contractor while pursuing other interests and passions.  I have maintained my position as a shareholder and board member, despite no longer being a full-time employee.

For many reasons, I felt as though the time had come to merge my business with a larger business, which would effectively change my role within the company.  One of my primary reasons for making this decision to do this was to enable me to take some time to explore other hobbies and interests.

Owning and operating a business is a more-than-full-time job.  Shortly before the merger, my company had approximately 30 employees and hundreds of customers. Customers and employees mean responsibility — and I felt a personal sense of responsibility to each employee (and their families) and each customer.

Don’t get me wrong — I had a team that I trusted; and without this team, the company would not have succeeded.  But as the owner — the one who makes all of the decisions — you tend to carry a lot of weight on your shoulders.

As a major shareholder of the company, I still want to do everything in my power to help the company to grow and do its best.  Since the merger, however, I’ve also had more help at the top.  Having others capable of handling the business at a higher level has enabled me to “step back” and explore some of my other passions — this blog being one of them.

What is On.Cash?

Friends and family members have often considered me to be a trusted resource when questions of a financial nature arise.  Why?  I have no clue!  I have no formal training in finance, though it is a subject that has always interested me.

In terms of my credentials, I suppose I do have some.

  1. I built my own business and ran it for over 20 years, bringing revenues from $0 into the multi-million dollar range, managing and overseeing all aspects of the business.
  2. I’ve evaluated and taken out multiple business loans.
  3. I’ve purchased 3 homes and an investment property.  I’ve done quite a bit of research into different mortgage options and I’ve refinanced twice.
  4. I have experience investing in multiple different types of investments.
  5. Majoring in Computer Science in college, I did my fair share of math — though I’m still far from a mathematician.

While none of the above make me a true “expert,” I feel as though I have learned quite a bit along the way.

Some of the things that I’ve learned or realized throughout my journey in the world of personal and business finance have really surprised me — and seem somewhat counterintuitive.

Initially, I had some thoughts about developing an app to simplify certain financial decisions for people.  After thinking about it, though, I felt like an informational blog would be the perfect companion for an app.  In fact, I felt that a blog would provide me with a venue to document and clarify my thoughts on each topic and get some third-party feedback prior to developing such an app.

My Promise (and my disclaimer)

Financial decisions can have a huge impact on our lives.  In this blog, I will offer my thoughts on various topics (mostly finance-related, but other areas as well).  In some cases, users like you may comment and voice their own thoughts publically.

I cannot promise that my ideas or other ideas shared on this site will always be right for everyone.  Nor can I promise that I am “the authority” on every single subject that is discussed on this site.  What I can promise is that I’ve either had some experience or done enough research that I feel comfortable sharing my thoughts.

Because I value personal growth and learning, I am very open to feedback.  If anything on this site is inaccurate or if you simply have a different viewpoint, please contact me or comment on the blog post.

My quick disclaimer: Please consult your accountant or financial advisor before making any important financial decision.  You, and solely you, are responsible for any decisions that you make. Neither this blog nor I will be held responsible for the success or failure of your financial decisions.  Enough said.

Having said all of that, my goal is to help people to better understand areas that are often cloaked and obscured by complex industry jargon and nuances — and help those same people to make decisions that take into account the data that is truly meaningful, rather than going with what is assumed to be the “right” answer based on the popular societal viewpoint.

* Oh, and to wrap up my thought from the first paragraph in this post — this actually isn’t my first blog post ever — I did write an occasional blog post for my technology business, though normally that task was left to others.  I enjoy writing — and look forward to sharing much more with you in this blog.

Here’s wishing you good reading, good luck, and good finances!

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